Faith Winter Voted To Jeopardize Thousands of Adams County Jobs

Winter put thousands of energy jobs at risk in Adams County when she was one of two deciding votes on Senate Bill 181.

Faith Winter Voted to Attack
Your Constitutional Rights

Winter was the deciding vote on the Red Flag gun control bill (HB19-1177), attacking your rights and putting law enforcement at risk.

Faith Winter Voted to Keep
Your TABOR Tax Refunds

In 2019, Coloradans are expected to receive a TABOR tax refund – but Winter voted to allow the state government to keep that money.

Faith Winter Proposed Legislation to Increase Your Income Taxes

Two years in a row, Winter voted to substantially increase your income taxes for a risky paid family leave program.

Faith Winter Towed the Party Line and Never Bucked Her Party

Winter voted with her party leadership 99.8% of the time, only voting “No” on one of the 460 bills that passed in 2019.