Faith Winter Voted To Attack Your Rights by voting YES on
House Bill 19-1177

Senator Faith Winter’s deciding vote on House Bill 19-1177 – the controversial Red Flag gun control bill – was a direct attack on Coloradans’ constitutional rights and put our law enforcement at risk. Adams County Sheriff Rick Reigenborn stated “I oppose the Red Flag bill as it is written.”

Senator Faith Winter ignored over dozens of Colorado counties and Sheriffs, the Denver Police Union, and the Aurora Police Union in casting the deciding “Yes” vote on the Red Flag gun bill.

The new law allows somebody to file an “extreme risk protection order” to have a judge decide if you are a danger to yourself or others. The issue? You won’t even be notified that the judge is hearing the case and you can’t defend yourself.

In addition, to get your guns back if the protection order is granted, you’ll need to prove by a higher standard of evidence that you are not a danger to yourself or others.

Delta County’s Sheriff, Mark Taylor, stated that the bill is “overreaching without any checks and balances.”

Garfield County’s Sheriff, Lou Vallario, stated that “…this bill is not the answer and I oppose it.”

Mesa County’s Sheriff, Matt Lewis, stated that “This bill does not make law enforcement professionals or our Colorado citizens safer…”

David Kopel, an adjunct professor of constitutional law at Denver University, stated that Colorado’s Red Flag law will lead to “disarmament of the many respondents who are innocent” and “forcing law enforcement officers to automatically show up at homes unannounced to confiscate guns.”

Why did Senator Winter ignore constitutional experts and our law enforcement community with her deciding vote on the Red Flag bill?