Faith Winter Voted to Keep 
Your TABOR Tax Refunds

In 2019, Colorado taxpayers are expected to get a tax refund under provisions of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, but Senator Faith Winter feels that your money is better spent by her and her colleagues at the State Capitol. Winter voted “Yes” on House Bill 19-1257, which will ask the voters in 2019 if the government should be allowed to keep excess tax revenues for pet projects instead of returning it back to taxpayers via refunds.

Bottom line: If Faith Winter gets her way, your family will have less money.

Perhaps this isn’t surprising, as Winter received “dozens of the individual maximum contributions ($400) from donors affiliated with large corporations, healthcare non-profits, education, anti-Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) groups and lobbying firms” according to Complete Colorado

In addition, Winter’s paid family leave proposal – which calls for an income tax increase – tries to skirt TABOR by calling the tax a “fee” or “premium” in order to not have to ask the voters of Colorado. Even the Aurora Sentinel called out Winter’s proposal, saying that “…proponents want to fund this long-term leave insurance program with a tax, only they don’t want to call it a tax.”